Alice S. Boston, MA

The Rutmans are a great, helpful couple and guided me expertly through the buying of my second violin. And I must say Mr. Rutman is an amazing violinist! I thoroughly enjoyed hearing him play, and he even gave me a bit of bowing advice.

They work with your budget (although they don’t cary any instruments below $500). My only complaint is that the prices of rosins, shoulder rests, cases, and such are a bit more expensive than other stores. So you should buy your instrument and bow here but other novelties at other places.

This is also a great place to go if you have any problems with your instrument. My pegs were stiff as were my fine tuners so I handed over my violin, came back a couples hours later, and they solved the problem for me no problema.

Randomness: The first time I went, they had a gorgeous, albeit growling and itimidating German Shepherd lying around. The second time I went, she wasn’t there and I miss her scary, growling self.

Alice S.
Boston, MA