Cecilia W. Cupertino, CA

We went to this shop to try out 4/4 violins while on vacation in Boston in June 2013. Mr. Rutman was very helpful and passionate about matching my 12 yr old with an instrument that he liked. He also helped him find a bow that was most comfortable and effective in his playing. There was never any sales pressure, nor any pushing on his merchandise. We tried on several instruments including his 2013 Rutman made  violin. Actually, the one he made sounded very good, however, we liked another instrument a little bit more. Mr. Rutman followed through with all the necessary repair of the instrument and made sure what we got was in great condition. The repair work on the peg box is superb. He also made the violin project more. The rosin the shop carries is dust-free and really great. My son also got a little tips on his playing that really made a difference. We wish the shop were in California where we reside. Where else can you find a luthier who is a violinist himself to give you sound advice on your instrument? This is the one! Now my son found his voice in a reasonably priced great instrument. Many thanks to Mr. Rutman’s help. We’re very pleased with the service and the purchase. His wife is also very nice and his dog is really lovely, too bad we couldn’t ship his dog home 😛

Cecilia W.
Cupertino, CA