Su R. Westwood, NJ

I was a bit hesitant to visit a violin shop near symphony hall since i’m a newbie, but the experience was not bad at all. The prices are pretty expensive but it is after all Boston. I knew going in after a few emails with Mr. Rutman, that if i got anything it would be their starter violin and I’d have to be approved for credit to afford that. he was happy to let me try out the violin. It sounded really nice, although i had tried out a similarly priced violin at Wood and string the other day which sounded just as nice, and there I could do a rent to own deal. I think this is a nice shop for students and musicians in the symphony hall area, and probably great for repairs, but for me I can do better closer to Cambridge. They are very attentive here though and happy to help.

Su R. 
Westwood, NJ