About Rutman’s Violin

GlobeMagIlyaA native of Moldavia, Ilya Rutman has been involved in instrument making and repair since 1990. He attended the North Bennett Street School in Boston, Massachusetts under the direction of Marilyn Wallin and Arthur Toman , where his exceptional skill and craftsmanship enabled him to quickly graduate in an unprecedented two years. During school time, Ilya also took a class from Arnold Bone in bow rehair and small repairs. In 1996 Ilya was AWARDED CERTIFICATE for Tone for his Quartet of instruments he entered into the VSA’s international competition in Albuquerque, NM.

After 24 years in conducting business in Massachusetts we moved to Florida to concentrate on making of new instruments and continue provide services to local professional musicians.

Ilya himself began to play violin at an early age. He utilizes his experience as a musician during sound adjustment, repairs, and each stage of making, creating all aspects of his instruments with the performing musician in mind. The sound and feel of his instruments are as pleasing and rich as those by world-renowned makers, yet are much more affordable.